Iran National Quality Award assessment Working Group


The comprehensive national quality assessment system

The comprehensive national quality assessment system based on the Islamic Iranian model and an accurate explanation of the quality field prospect is the basis for the main- and macro-decisions, guidance, supervision, and establishment of the country's quality system at the national level.

This system covers and directs the fields of economic, social, cultural, and industrial development related to quality, which will ultimately lead to the improvement of the life quality of people in Islamic civilization. Achieving economic growth through quality and standardization is one of the most important financial goals of countries and is one of the tools that improve productivity.

The quality approach based on the Islamic Iranian model of progress and the statement of the second step of the Islamic revolution are as follows:

 -Paying attention to spirituality and ethics in models of excellence and quality in society based on the recommendations of the Islamic religion and the realization of the second step of the Islamic revolution as a direction to provide all individual and social activities and the primary needs of society

-Emphasizing the strengthening of the country's independent economy, which is based on mass and high-quality production, justice-oriented distribution, moderate and wasteful (excessive) consumption and wise management relationships

-Promoting the Iranian Islamic lifestyle, culture, and work.


Achieving economic growth through quality is one of the most important goals of countries. In recent decades, quality has been recognized as one of the principles of superiority in international arenas, to the extent that achieving and spreading the culture of quality at all levels of society has been proposed as one of the necessities of economic development in developed countries. Therefore, most countries have national models based on their scientific and national principles to recognize the leaders of quality and award the national quality award. On 06/05/2002, the Supreme Council of Standards approved the establishment of the Iran National Quality Award and the award’s model was determined based on the model of the European Quality Foundation. Then, the model of Iran national quality award was designed according to the economic, social, and cultural conditions of the country as well as the characteristics of Iranian organizations by exploiting modern management knowledge, and in other words, it is considered a completely national model that can be used by foreign organizations.

According to the government law for the country's standard system approved on 10/03/2017 by the parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was also approved by the Expediency Discernment Council on 11/25/2017, the Iran National Standards Organization is the official authority for determining the National Quality Award and holding the related ceremony and awarding of this prize. In addition, holding any conference, seminar, and similar topics in the field of standards and quality needs permission from the Iran National Organization of Standards.

After establishing the Iran National Quality Award, November 9th (World Quality Day) was named the National Quality Day by the Public Culture Council and included in the country's official calendar. The national quality award is given annually to the best organizations on this day.

Objectives of Iran National Quality Award

-Increasing public awareness of the importance of quality and the need to pay more attention to it at the community level

-Moving towards a comprehensive quality management system with a scientific implementation methodology

-Evaluating the country's organizations based on scientific performance evaluation criteria with a product quality management approach

-Systematic self-assessment of organizations and businesses and recognition of strengths and areas that can improve by focusing on product quality, comparing with other organizations, and encouraging organizations to carry out self-assessment operations

-Identifying the achievements of organizations in the field of quality improvement

-Identifying the best organizations in the country, confirming and honoring the organization’s efforts to improve product quality

-Increasing the competitiveness of organizations at the national and international levels, as well as increasing their compatibility with regional and international markets

-Pay special attention to the country’s current and future economic features and requirements and the need to increase the quality of the organization's products and services to be present in the national and international world of exports.

Benefits for organizations

-Recognizing strengths and areas that can improve by focusing on product quality and focusing on quality strategy

-Improving product quality and product quality management and ultimately increasing competition and market contribution

-Measuring the capabilities of the organization and product against similar organizations or competitors

-Exploiting the promotional privileges of certificates applicable to products and services


The standard research institute as the most important research and research authority of the standardization system in the country as well as the bridge between the centers of production and application of science, with the aim of completing the scientific chain and gaining national trust in products and services, is seeking to create the appropriate and appropriate context. Acquiring the necessary tools, while guiding the universities and research centers to meeting the scientific requirements of standardization, underpins the "transformation of scientific findings into standards" and "development of research-based standards" in order to introduce and transfer scientific advances to industries, service centers and ultimately at the level. Society provides. There are 4 research institutes, 15 research groups, 2 virtual research groups and more than 110 specialized laboratories in the standard research institute, providing the necessary background for research.
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