Iran National Quality Award assessment Working Group

Iran National Quality Award assessment Working Group

The assessmentworking group of the Iran National Quality Award is a technical, specialized, and scientific working group that is formed under the chairmanship of the secretary of the technical committee and composed of the secretary and members who are appointed for four years and approved by the head of the technical committee.

Duties of the assessment working group:

1) Carrying out the assessment process under the rules and executive requirements;

2) Carrying out the approval process and results of the assessments with the consensus of the members of the assessment working group

3) Counting and updating the database of qualified assessors in the award assessment process and presenting it to the award secretariat;

4) Carrying out the assessment process of qualification and competence of the assessment applicants;

5) Dealing with customer complaints (assessed companies) and submitting a report to the technical committee;

6) Dealing with assessors' corruption;

7) Monitoring the results of assessments and reporting feedback;

8) Conflict management during the assessment process;

9) Monitoring and updating the professional level of award assessors.

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