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Name Family Research Group Email
Farnoosh Attar Food Toxicology f.attar [at] standard.ac.ir
Fezzeh Aryanasab Petrochemistry and Polymer f_aryanasab [at] standard.ac.ir
Mehrnaz Aminifar Food, Halal and Agricultural Products aminifar.m [at] standard.ac.ir
Farzaneh Ansari Food, Halal and Agricultural Products f.ansari [at] standard.ac.ir
Masomeh Atharinia Microbiology and Biology atharinia_m [at] standard.ac.ir
Farnaz Dastmalchi Food, Halal and Agricultural Products f.dastmalchi [at] standard.ac.ir
Mohammad Faraji Food, Halal and Agricultural Products mfaraji [at] standard.ac.ir
Saba Belgheisi Food, Halal and Agricultural Products belgheisi [at] standard.ac.ir
Maryam Jalili Food, Halal and Agricultural Products jalili [at] standard.ac.ir
Zahra Alaii Rouzbahani Food, Halal and Agricultural Products z.alaei [at] standard.ac.ir
Zahra Piravi vanak Food, Halal and Agricultural Products zpiravi [at] standard.ac.ir
Aref Olad Ghafari Food, Halal and Agricultural Products a.oladghafari [at] standard.ac.ir
Zohre Pouretedal Food, Halal and Agricultural Products z.pouretedal [at] standard.ac.ir
Ali Tavakoli Golpaygani Medical Engineering atavakkoli [at] standard.ac.ir
Ladan Rashidi Food Toxicology l.rashidi [at] standard.ac.ir
Ghasem Fadavi Food, Halal and Agricultural Products fadavi [at] standard.ac.ir
Malihe Nazi Textile and leather mnnazi [at] standard.ac.ir
Maryam Ghobadi Dana Microbiology and Biology Dana.m [at] standard.ac.ir
Masoumeh Mahmoudi maymand Food, Halal and Agricultural Products mah_maymand [at] standard.ac.ir
Fahimdokht Mokhtari Food Toxicology fmokhtari [at] standard.ac.ir
Ehsan Zayerzadeh Food Toxicology zayerzadeh [at] standard.ac.ir
Laleh Adl Nasab Chemistry laleh_adlnasab [at] standard.ac.ir
Ruhollah Semnani Rahbar Department of Textile and leather semnani [at] standard.ac.ir
Meisam Shabanian Cellulosic Materials and Packaging
m.shabanian [at] standard.ac.ir
Alireza Khakifiruz Cellulosic Materials and Packaging
khakifirooz [at] standard.ac.ir
Marjan Heidarzadeh Food Toxicology m.heidarzadeh [at] standard.ac.ir
Behzad Mehdikhani Construction and Mineral Engineering mehdikhani [at] standard.ac.ir
Farnaz Movahedi Cellulosic Materials and Packaging fzmovahedi [at] standard.ac.ir
Nooshin Gholipour Zanjani Petrochemistry and Polymer
n.gholipour [at] standard.ac.ir
Zohreh Salarvand Chemistry zsalarvand [at] standard.ac
Mahroo Khaleghi moghadam Petrochemistry and Polymer m.khaleghi [at] standard.ac.ir
Behzad Saeedi Razavi Construction and Mineral Engineering bsaidi [at] standard.ac.ir
Mehdi Roohani Cellulosic Materials and Packaging mroohani [at] standard.ac.ir
Majid Nouri camari Vehicle Engineering m.nouri [at] standard.ac.ir
Hoda Ale-ali Metrology h.aleali [at] standard.ac.ir
Maryam Mirzaie Kejani Metrology ma.mirzaie [at] standard.ac.ir
Behzad Kord Cellulosic Materials and Packaging b.kord [at] standard.ac.ir
Mohammad mahdy Share pasand Electrical Engineering sharepasand [at] standard.ac.ir
Anooshe Rahmani Food, Halal and Agricultural Products a.rahmani [at] standard.ac.ir
 Amir Afkar Vehicle Engineering
afkar [at] standard.ac.ir
Mahmud  Fasih  Management Systems mfasih [at] standard.ac.ir
The standard research institute as the most important research and research authority of the standardization system in the country as well as the bridge between the centers of production and application of science, with the aim of completing the scientific chain and gaining national trust in products and services, is seeking to create the appropriate and appropriate context. Acquiring the necessary tools, while guiding the universities and research centers to meeting the scientific requirements of standardization, underpins the "transformation of scientific findings into standards" and "development of research-based standards" in order to introduce and transfer scientific advances to industries, service centers and ultimately at the level. Society provides. There are 4 research institutes, 15 research groups, 2 virtual research groups and more than 110 specialized laboratories in the standard research institute, providing the necessary background for research.
Central office address: Tehran - southern side of Vanak Square - Sixth Floor
Phone: 5-88879461-021
Fax: 88887080-021
Head office: Karaj - Industrial City - Standard Square - National Organization Iran Standard - Standard Research Institute
Telephone Center: 8-32806031-026