Policymaking Council

Policymaking Council

Members of the Policymaking Council

-Iran National Standards Organization president (head of the council)

-Quality Assessment Deputy (Secretary of the Policymaking Council)

-Two of the deputies or advisors of the organization president

-Standard Research Institute president

-Ministers of ministries/and heads of organizations that are members of the Supreme Council of Standards or one of their deputies

-Chairman of the quality assessment steering council of the executive bodies;

-Technical committee

-Three faculty members of the university in the field of quality

-Two people from scientific and professional associations in the area of quality

-Two members of the award technical committee.


Duties of the Policymaking Council

-Listening to the analytical report of the performance of the current award period presented by the award secretary and checking its effectiveness according to the established policies

-Final approval and validation of the winners of the Iran National Quality Award (Golden, Simin, and Bronze statues)

-Developing award activities in executive bodies in the following award period according to quality development strategies in the country

-Reviewing and approving amendments to the regulations and model of the award, which are referred to the Policymaking Council from the technical committee

-Approving and supporting the incentive policies of executive bodies and providing solutions on how to implement them

-Monitoring the validation of the implementation of the latest regulations by the executive bodies

-Validating the selection of award executive management based on the established criteria

-Approving the registration fees for different award levels.

The standard research institute as the most important research and research authority of the standardization system in the country as well as the bridge between the centers of production and application of science, with the aim of completing the scientific chain and gaining national trust in products and services, is seeking to create the appropriate and appropriate context. Acquiring the necessary tools, while guiding the universities and research centers to meeting the scientific requirements of standardization, underpins the "transformation of scientific findings into standards" and "development of research-based standards" in order to introduce and transfer scientific advances to industries, service centers and ultimately at the level. Society provides. There are 4 research institutes, 15 research groups, 2 virtual research groups and more than 110 specialized laboratories in the standard research institute, providing the necessary background for research.
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