Department of Medical Engineering

Department of Medical Engineering

Message from the Department Head
Welcome to Department of Biomedical Engineering at Standard Research Institute. I believe that what makes our programs stand out is the highly qualified department members. Our department members are committed to teaching excellence and conducting state-of-the-art research activities. Teaching and learning at this Department are enhanced by our research facilities and international publication rate which has an impact in all branches of medical and engineering. Our research has a practical medical purpose and we have developed strong linkages with medical industry both nationally and internationally. 
From a practical point of view, Biomedical Engineers have proven to play a significant role in today’s society.  They do this by improving the quality of our day-to-day lives.  In addition, these highly respected engineers create wealth through the products that they design for the medical industry.  All one has to do is to look at the hospitals, physicians’ offices, or medical centers all around the world to see the large impact they have had on our economy and health through designing novel equipment, materials, and devices.
 The Department of Biomedical Engineering prepares graduates and experts for the creation, application, and management of medical technology through rigorous and up-to-date technical teaching methods according to national and international standards. The department binds all academic and research interests, as well as manufacturers of medical devices and the hardware and software networking of medical records.
A. Tavakoli Golpoaygani
Dean, PhD. of Biomedical Engineering

Department Activities
Conducting research and tests to determine technical specifications and features of medical devices;
Conducting research activities to enhance the quality and safety level of products and services;
Consulting to improve production methods and industries efficiency;
Conducting tests on medical device products subject to mandatory and encouraging national standards as a reference laboratory;
Cooperating in national and international standards development and contributing as expert adviser in national and international organizations (ISO, IEC, AAMI, …);
Sharing research findings through scientific journals and magazines;
Organizing conference and symposium1 in the field of biomedical Engineering.
Setting up technical meeting and workshop for quality managers of medical device factories. 
Providing access to up-to-date information resources in the field of biomedical Engineering;


  • Electrical Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment
  • Rehabilitation Equipment (Crutches, walkers and Wheelchair)
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Medical and Laboratory Sterilizers
  • Ambulance Vehicles
  • Operating Table
  • Medical Gas (O2, CO2, N2O ,…)
  • Dental Material & Artificial Teeth
  • Surgical Suture and Ligature Materials
  • Surgical and Examination Gloves
  • Blood and Urine Collection Bag
  • Medical Gauze, Bandage, Shun and Gun
  • Infusion Set and Infusion Burette Type Set
  • Medical Single Use Syringes
  • Single Use Hypodermic and Dental Needles


  • Medical equipments calibration- Medical diagnostic laboratories(Faranak Faeghi & et al)
  • Study of suitable ergonomy in design and production of wheelchairs for disabled persons.(Fathali, Faeghi & et al)
  • Study and comparison of various sterilization methods in health care centers.(Faranak Faeghi & et al)
  • Presentation of safe methods in refilling, transportation, maintenance, and using of medical gases cylinders from production sites to using sites
  • Periodic inspection of hospital sterilizers
  • Feasible study (economic and technical) for creation of Ambulance laboratory.
  • Feasible study (economic and technical) for creation of single use medical devices laboratory.
  • Study on GMP (good manufacturing practice) provision in production and distribution of medical oxygen gas and comparison of manufacturer performances in IRAN.(Seyed Shahab Moinian & et al)
  • Design and determination of one or more standard test method for quantitative measuring of dimethylsiloxane (as lubricant) in single use syringes for medical use (Seyed Shahab Moinian & et
  • Determination of a method for correct measurement of PH value in wound bandage and gauzes related to ISIRI 3061 and ISIRI 583 ( Rahim Faraji & et al)
The standard research institute as the most important research and research authority of the standardization system in the country as well as the bridge between the centers of production and application of science, with the aim of completing the scientific chain and gaining national trust in products and services, is seeking to create the appropriate and appropriate context. Acquiring the necessary tools, while guiding the universities and research centers to meeting the scientific requirements of standardization, underpins the "transformation of scientific findings into standards" and "development of research-based standards" in order to introduce and transfer scientific advances to industries, service centers and ultimately at the level. Society provides. There are 4 research institutes, 15 research groups, 2 virtual research groups and more than 110 specialized laboratories in the standard research institute, providing the necessary background for research.
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