Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products

Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products

In line with the duties of Research Center of Food Technology and Agricultural Products, Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products is working in the following fields:

  • Food research
  • Doing reference tests
  • Paying visit to laboratories, applicant for accreditation test
  • Training of quality control staff and university students
  • Paying visit to co-operating laboratories
  • Cooperating in the conduct of university student projects
  • Delivering scientific lectures
  • Conduct of workshops, scientific seminars and conferences
  • And other requests from scientific research institutes in the country

Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products perform following duties in addition to mentioned items:

  • Participation  in developing  national and international standards
  • Publishing the results of research and scientific activities through publications, journals and articles, etc.
  • Translation of  ISO Focus and submitting articles regularly
  • Evaluation of  research projects and presenting technical comments
  • Providing technical advices to applicants

and also, cooperation with  the Bureau of  Public and International  Relations for the reception of  visitors  such as: students, university students, educational institutions  and  other  national and international organizations. 

Measures taken on food safety and authenticity in the research group of Food science & Technology

• Authenticity of lime juice
• Study and application of synthetic antioxidant in all kinds of vegetable oils
• Authenticity of olive oil
• Detection of vegetable oils in dairy products
• Detection of un-authorized tissue in meat products
• Identification of food colors in foods





Laboratories in "Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products" equipped with the most advanced laboratory equipments for research activities or technical studies and include the following laboratories:

Cereals, pulses and their products
Edible fats and oils
Milk and milk products
Animal feeding stuffs and animal raw products
Processed meat
Sugar and confectionary products
Fresh and processed fruit and vegetable
Canned and ready to eat foods
Drinks, fruit and vegetable juice
Water and waste water
Essential oils and distilled aromatic water
Spices and food additives
Sensory analysis
Hallal and nutritional claims

Research projects of the Department of Food, Halal and Agricultural Products

Detection and quantification of free fatty acid profile and sterols in milk and dairy products standards
Investigating and controlling the application of synthetic antioxidants in various types of vegetable oils used in households
Determination of some qualitative and quantitative indicators of lemon juice in order to assess its authenticity by using laboratory techniques
Concentrated bitter orange juice
Hydroxyl methyl furfural in foods- Comparison of methods and measurement
Determination of sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate in Dough samples
Investigation on the UF cheese synersis
Investigating the chemical and microbial properties of camel raw milk
Determination of fluoride in black tea and tea bags by spectrophotometer and fluorimeter
Investigating the characteristics of rapeseed oil extracted by cold pressing method
Identification and determination of sunset yellow and carmoisine in soft drinks using high performance liquid chromatography
Investigation on the ethanol amount and yeast population in kefirs produced in Iran
Study on the phytostrols as authentication indicator in coconut flavored milks
Study on safflower oil specification prepared by cold pressed methods
Development of the sensory evaluation principles for edible cold pressed oils in order to ranking them
Investigation of changes in physical and chemical properties of oil extracted from two varieties and in their fruit ripeness period
Enriching sunflower oil with vitamin D and replacing common synthetic antioxidants with ascorbilpalmitate
Determination of physicochemical an microbial properties of mouth freshener specifications
Nogha– specification& test methods
Reis- specification & test method
Study on some purity and quality specifications of cocoa butter in order to determine the appropriate indicators for evaluation
Determination of acetamipridespirotetramate&imidaclopride in pistachio

Training courses and workshops of the Research Group of Food science & Technology

Training course on chemical analysis of meat products
Quality control of sugar and sugar cube
Quality control of tea
Quality control of cocoa powder and coffee
Quality control of chewing and bubble gums
Quality control of honey
Physicochemical tests of different kinds of drink water
Physicochemical tests of different kinds of oils
Special test and determination of adulteration in olive products
Physicochemical analysis of dairy products
Physicochemical tests of canning products
Physico-chemical tests of sweets, cakes, cookies and wafer
Physico-chemical tests of wheat, flour, bread
Types of noodle and macaroni (pasta)
Physical and chemical analysis of meat products
Physical and chemical analysis of animal feedstuffs
Physical and chemical analysis of fruit juices
Physical and chemical analysis of carbonated drinks, malt beverages and carbonated drinks
Identification of synthetic food colors and determination of preservatives in foods
Physicochemical tests of saffron
Physicochemical tests of salt

Contact with the department office:
Tel/ Fax: 026- 32802130


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